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Category: SALMON

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   Salmon Brunch Squares
   Eggs Stuffed with Salmon
   Samon Mousse, Appetizer ( August, 1991)
   Horseradish Crusted Salmon with Braised Greens
   Grilled Meli Melo of Seafood with Soy Beurre
   Salmon and Shiitakes Steamed in Romaine
   Barchetta Endivia Belga E Taleggio (Endive & Taleggio Boa
   Scalloped Salmon and Peas
   Tuna and Tomato Sandwich
   Cold Meat Platter #4
   Boiled Salmon
   Cold Poached Salmon W/mustard Lime Sauce
   Poached Salmon Cutlets W/ Hot Basil Sauce
   Salmon with Spanish Onion Chutney
   Sauteed Salmon W/ Zucchini Noodles &red Bell Pepper Couli
   Grilled Salmon in Corn Husks
   Pasta-Crusted Salmon with Roasted Vegetables and Griddled
   Alaska Baked Salmon
   Alaska-Style Salmon Fettuccine
   Salmon Fajita
   Salmon a la King
   Smothered Salmon
   Baked Salmon and Macaroni
   Asparagus Fish Salad
   Smoked Salmon and Salmon Mousse Terrine with Choupict Ca
   Sole Stuffed with Salmon Mousse
   Baked Salmon Croquettes
   Barbecued Baked Salmon > K Selwyn
   Belle Salmon
   Tea Salmon in the Garden with Lemon
   Dilled Pinwheels
   Teriyaki Salmon
   Salmon or Tuna Fish Salad
   Salmon Croquettes #3
   Salmon Soup #2
   Fish Chowder #2
   Oven-Fried Salmon Steaks DNSR31A
   Salmon Croquettes I DNSR31A
   Pasta with Smoked Salmon
   Cold Salmon with Cucumber Sauce
   Mom's Salmon Mousse
   Rise's Light Salmon Mousse
   Salmon Muffins
   Smoked Salmon, Squaquerone Cheese, Red Onion, and Arugula
   Bourbon Marinated Grilled Salmon
   Sesame-Crusted Grilled Salmon
   Salmon and Vegetables En Papillote
   Salmon Croquettes With Black Bean Vinaigrette