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Category: DIABETIC

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   Monterey Penne
   Tangy Miracle Whip Slices
   Smooth Peanutty Sprouts
   Incredible Shredibles
   Double Fishy Tuna
   Caper-Clous Tuna
   Society Tuna
   Pizza Tuna Melt
   Low-Fat Vinaigrette
   Tomato French Dressing
   South of the Border Rice
   Beans & Barley
   Spinach and Mushroom Salad
   Garlic Noodles
   Gujerati-Style Green Beans
   Cauliflower with Potatoes
   Beet Salad I and Ii
   Heavenly Burger Bake
   No Salt Barbeque Sauce
   Spicy Hot Black Beans
   Fresh Beet and Carrot Salad
   Red Ginger Cabbage Saute
   Two Toppings for Matzo Bread
   Yeast Free Chicken Supreme
   Yeast Free Chicken Barley Soup
   Yeast Free Split Pea Soup
   Crunchy Celery Slaw
   Peas with Rosemary and Pine Nuts
   Candied Yams with Rum & Raisins
   Avery Island Celery
   Braised Celery
   Garden Salad
   Spinach Cucumber Salad
   Taco Pork Chops
   Apple Wedges with Poppy-Seed Dressing
   Four Oaks Tuna
   Basil Tuna
   Tuna & Marmaide
   Tuna Melt
   Tuna Melt Redux
   Potato, Leek and Cod Soup
   Hot Couscous Breakfast
   Fresh Vegetable Stew
   Fruit Sweet and Sugar Free - Cranberry Banana Walnut Brea
   Glazed Sweet Potatoes
   Afternoon Tea Brownies
   Creme De Cacao-Cola
   Lemon-Oatmeal Crispies
   Etta's Oatmeal Cookies
   Chocolate Coconut Macaroons


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