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Category: FISH

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   Clams in Black Bean Sauce
   Sinigang Na Isda (Fish Sinigang)
   Hot and Sour Shrimp with Watercress And Walnu
   Relyenong Hipon (Stuffed Shrimp)
   Fish Soup #1
   Sinigang Na Isda (Fish in Sour Soup)
   Lumpia (Philippine Egg Rolls From Scratch)
   Fresh Lumpia
   Moroccan-Jewish Fish Filets with Red Peppers & Garlic
   Atlantic Salmon on Lentils w/ Moroccan flavors
   Moroccan-Style Salmon with Couscous
   Moroccan-Jewish Fish Filets with Red Peppers
   Sauteed Trout with Lime
   Sesame Fish
   Cassoulet De Poissons
   Trout with Sauce Roquefort
   Sauteed Brook Trout with Orange
   Lemon-Stuffed Trout
   Truite Aux Amandes (Trout with Almonds)
   Baked Stuffed Fish Ii
   Trout Almondine
   Risted Laks Med Kremsaus (Fried Trout in Sour Cream Sauce
   Cornmeal-Crusted Trout with Hazelnut Butter
   Boiled Speckled Trout
   Baked Trout with Fennel
   Cheese Stuffed Trout
   Creole Trout
   Trout Au Gratin
   Smoked Trout or Salmon
   Barbecued Sea Trout
   Marks Baked Stuffed Trout
   Fried Brook Trout
   Trout with Lemon and Pepper
   Baked Trout with Yoghurt & Herbs
   Pan-Fried Trout with Sage & Almonds
   Rainbow Trout with Green Onion - Ginger Mayon
   Poached Lake Trout Fillets W/ Horseradish Sauce
   Smoking Salmon and Trout Part Xiv - Smoking Roes & Livers
   Blue Trout Luchow
   Country Pot Smoked Trout
   Smoky Cheese Bake
   Smoked Trout Potato Scallop
   Smoked Trout Chowder
   Smoked Trout Romanoff
   Smoked Trout Florentine
   Smoked Trout Pilaf
   Smoked Trout Curry
   Hot Smoked Trout Mousse
   Smoked Trout Souffle
   Smoked Trout Stuffed Baked Potatoes