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   Venison Stew No. 2
   Venison, Hunter's Style
   Violet Tea
   White Trash Roast Possum
   Wild Boar Steaks in a Sweet & Sour Sauce (Bis
   Wild Duck a la Duchein
   Wild Duck with Turnips (Canard Sauvage Aux Na
   Wine-Braised Quail with Sage
   Dave's Venison Sausage
   Pheasant 'ajja
   Porcupine Fricassee
   Chicken or Pheasant Piccata
   Deerburgers, Moose or Elkburgers
   Musicon Braised Sweet & Sour Venison Ribs
   Herbed Shoulder Roast
   Sauteed Quail with Mushrooms
   Saintonge Rabbit
   Rabbit with Cabbage
   Quail in Mushroom Gravy
   Beaver Tail
   Wild Boar Steaks in a Sweet and Sour Sauce
   Boar Baked Chopes
   Scalloped Sage Hen (Other Poultry Will Substitute)
   Roast Pigeons
   Grilled Cervena Chops with Jalapeno Glaze
   Moose Steak 2
   Grilled Tenderloin of Venison - Victoria 12/9
   Kangaroo Pepper Steak with Mushroom Sauce
   Civet De Chevreuil (Venison Stew)
   Stuffed Quail
   Venison Chops & Rice
   Venison Chops in Tomato Soup
   Venison Pepper Steak
   Venison Suey
   Wild Boar
   Big Bob's Shoulder of Venison
   Dove: Monterey-Style
   Grouse & Wild Rice
   Marinated Quail
   Venison Chili Ala Fred
   Venison Sausage From Fred Goslin
   Venison Stroganoff
   Venison Supreem
   Mu Shu Armadillo
   Chicken or Rabbit
   Pan-Seared Squab with Dried Cherry Reduction
   Pecan Crusted Venison with Bourbon Mash
   Pheasant in a Bag
   Venison with Plum Sauce