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Category: FISH

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   Russian Smoked Trout Kotlets
   Norwegian Smoked Trout Farce
   Smoked Trout Brandade
   Smoked Trout Fried Sandwiches
   Smoked Trout Potato or Macaroni Salad
   Russian Smoked Trout Salad
   Scandinavian Smoked Trout Salad
   Smoked Trout Tartelettes
   Trout with Pine Nuts
   About Broiling and Grilling Salmon And Trout
   Spicy Maple Basting Sauce for Grilled Lake Trout
   Grilled Lake Trout En Brochette #1
   Grilled Lake Trout Steaks W/ Mustard and Cumin
   Foil-Baked Lake Trout
   Citrus and Cilantro Grilled Lake Trout
   Grilled Lake Trout Steaks with Broccoli Sauce
   Grilled Lake Trout with Peppery Cranberry Sauce
   Grilled Lake Trout with Garlic and Sun Dried Tomato
   Basil Grilled Lake Trout
   Grilled Lake Trout with Cajun Seasoning
   Pepper Baked Lake Trout
   Grilled Lake Trout with Jalapeno-Honey Glaze
   Grilled Lake Trout with Herb Butter
   Shore Lunch - Barbecued Whole Trout
   Tandoori Lake Trout
   Grilled Rosemary Lake Trout
   Basic Panfried Lake Trout Fillets -1
   Basic Panfried Lake Trout Fillets -2
   Panfried Lake Trout Fillets in Tempura Batter
   Batter Fried Lake Trout
   Lake Trout with Rosemary Butter
   Trout Steaks with Peppercorns and Allspice
   Panfried Lake Trout and Peppers
   Salt-Crusted Baked Trout
   Smoked Trout
   Trout & Mushrooms in Cream
   Trout & Sour Cream
   Trout Marguery 2
   Trout with Almonds & Cucumber Batons
   Trout with Garlic & Rosemary
   Blue Trout Luchow (2 Servings - Multiply To S
   Broiled Sesame Trout
   Brook Trout Meuniere #2
   Chilled Trout in Dill Sauce
   Cold Trout in Aspic
   Deep-Fried Trout
   Hemingway's Trout
   Hot Grilled Trout ****
   Kosher Creole Seafood Gumbo
   Malaysian Fish with Pears