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Category: SEAFOOD

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   Scallops in Double Pepper Sauce **
   Lobster Scallop Curry
   Seafood Chili
   Shrimp Spaghetti
   Shrimp Curry
   Malaysian Squid Satay with Dipping Sauce
   Adobong Pusit
   Crayfish Tails a la Carlton
   Crab Rangoon Ii
   Maine Lobster Casserole
   California Shrimp Bowl
   Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms and Shrimp
   Kim's Pacific Salmon
   Shrimp-Stuffed Mirliton
   Easy Fish Casserole
   Quickie Salmon-Potato Casserole
   Oven Fried Fish
   Lobster Tabbouleh with Basil
   Oktapodi Maratho Krasato (Octopus and Fennel
   My Bouillabaisse
   Lyonnaise Oyster Stew
   Chesapeake Oyster Bisque
   A Squid Dish for Days of Abstinence
   *Smoke Fried Oysters
   Elegant Baked Fish
   Moroccan Fish with Cumin
   Grilled Swordfish with Orange, Onion and Toma
   Red Snapper in Nut Crust
   Baked Lobster
   Cod in Spicy Sauce
   Baked Orange Roughy with Cheese & Mushrooms
   David Hagedorn's Sea Scallops with Shrimp But
   Crab Stew
   Baked Sea Scallops
   Noodle-Seafood Soup
   Eddy's Oyster Loaves
   Mustard Horseradish Butter for Fish
   Curried Shrimp Phylo Bundles
   Spinach with Oysters and Cheese
   Lobster Newburg
   Deann's Potato Cheese Halibut
   Grilled Rum-Soaked Shrimp with Mango Lime Rel
   Sauteed Catfish with Ginger Peach Sauce
   King Arthur's Oysters
   Low Fat Seafood Stew I.e.s.jjgf65a
   Squid Stuffed with Clams or Scallops
   Crab and Green Onion Pie
   Oyster Fritters Cajun-Style
   Cajun Oytser & Scallop Stew
   Seafood Colin