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   Elk/deer Spanish Pot Roast
   Rabbit Fried No. 1
   Venison Benison
   Smoked Deer Ham #1
   Deer Sausage #1
   Deer and Barley Soup
   Deer Soup Stock
   Venison Ham
   Boiled Deer Ardennes
   Deer Sausage #2
   Barbequed Deer Ribs #1
   Boiled Deer Tongue
   Deer Sauce #1
   Deer Sauce #2
   Deer Marinade #1
   Deer Marinade #2
   Deer Marinade #3
   Deer Marinade #4
   Deer Marinade #5
   Big Buck Steak #1
   Big Buck Steak #2
   Fried Deer Heart
   Deer Heart and Kidney Stew
   Rabbit Stew and Fatback
   Baked Dove with Bacon
   Georgia Quail in Gravy
   Rabbit Sauce Piquante
   Rail Sauce Piquante Ellender
   Louisiana Alligator
   Venison Shoulder in Red Wine
   Grilled Saddle of Venison
   Roast Loin of Venison
   Venison Hor D'oeuvres
   Smokey Mountain Fried Squirrel
   Creamed Dove Casserole
   Dove Brandon
   Florida Barbecue Dove-Kabobs
   Arizona Boogie Dove
   Country Style Quail
   Creamed Quail Casserole
   Quail Brandon
   Florida Barbecue Quail-Kabobs
   Arizona Boogie Quail
   Grouse Supreme
   Breast of Grouse
   Patti's Grouse with Pear Sauce
   Quick-N-Easy Partridge
   Poule D'eau Jambalaya - Rabbit
   Aligator and Ham Soup
   Phineas' Partridge-Pie