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Category: FISH

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   Rainbow Trout With Lemon Capers, And Brown Butter
   Baked Trout with Cucumber Sauce: Dairy Book of British F
   Stuffed Trout in a Wine Sauce: Dairy Book of British Foo
   Trout Wrapped in Bacon: Dairy Book of British Food
   Lemon Trout: Dairy Book of British Food
   Baked Speckled Trout in Herbs
   Poached Speckled Trout W/herbs
   Broiled Trout with Raisins
   Broiled Flamed Trout Koala
   Smoked Trout Hash with Choron Sauce
   Cedar Plank Fish with Citrus Horseradish Crust
   George's Smoked Salmon Recipe
   Singapore "Ikan Asam Manis"
   East Indian Style Smoked Trout Appetizer
   Lake Trout Yakitori
   Turkish Smoked Trout Croquettes
   Steamed Fish with Black Beans
   Whole Trout in Sweet & Sour Sauce
   Steamed Fish with Black Beans #1
   Japanese-Style Steamed Fish
   Fresh Fish in Coconut Cream with Foo Foo (Fu-Fu) (Liberia
   Grilled Rainbow Trout with Asian Flavors
   Grilled Lake Trout En Brochette #2 > Oriental Style
   Farida Fish with Pickled Lemons
   River Fish Melts On French Toasts
   Salad Of Pickled Trout (Truchas Escabechadas)
   Poached Trout Fillet
   Escabeche (Lime Marinated Fish)
   Roulle Of Salmon Trout Baked In Herb Crust With
   Tasmanian Ocean Trout With Dill Mayonnaise
   Japanese Cutlets With Sweet Wine Dressing
   Smoked Trout And Pasta Salad
   Carpaccio Of Ocean Trout With A Fennel Salsa
   Ocean Trout, Mascarpone And Basil Lasagne
   Ocean Trout Stuffed With Prawns, Water Chestnuts And Nori
   Cucumber With Smoked Trout
   Fettuccine Asiatici
   Ocean Trout In Tomato Marinade
   Salmon Coulibiak
   Georgian Marinade
   Rollmops / Marinated Herring Rolls
   [Thai/revised] Pla Jian (Fish in Ginger Sauce)
   Green Chile Fish
   Crayfish-Scallop Etouffe
   Chili Orange Oil
   Bacon and Monkfish Kebabs
   Mark's Salmon Spread
   Catfish Hogie
   Catfish Vera Cruzana
   If'n Yu Ain't Gonna Eat Meat with Your Chile's: