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   Roast Rack of Venison W/creole Mustard
   Noisettes De Chevreuil Saint-Hubert
   Roast Woodcock
   Jugged Hare
   Moose Roast
   Moose Pie
   Braised Moose
   Baked Young Woodchuck in Sour Cream and Mustard - Llb
   Vol-Au-Vent with Game Meat - Pc
   James Earl Jones' Glazed Ostrich Tenderloin
   How To Clean a Possum
   Coniglio Con Olive E Pinoli (Rabbit with Olives & Pine Nu
   Rack of Venison > Red Lion Inn, Boulder Co
   Baked Possum
   Roast Wild Boar/pig
   Another Stuffing Recipe for Roast Wild Boar
   Bbq Emu, Ostrich or Kangaroo Fillet
   Elk Sausage
   Roast Wild Boar with Fig, Date and Walnut Stuffing
   Alligator Sauce Picante
   Pig, Latin-Style, Rib Roast of Wild Boar
   Quail Spiedini with Sage Polenta and Asiago
   Rattlesnake Chile
   Mushroom Duxelle
   Pheasant Braised in Gin and Juniper
   Rack of Venison with Apple and Szechuan Peppercorn Sauce
   Breast of Pheasant with Orange and Ginger Sauce
   Rabbit Ragu With Wild Mushrooms, Soft Polenta, Gorgonzola
   Doves Cooked with Wine and Mushrooms
   Quail Baked in Mushroom Sauce
   Quail with White Grapes
   Medallions of Ostrich with Fresh Herbs (Hl)
   Jezebel Sauce - Bph
   Oriental-Style Venison Spaghetti - Bph
   Venison Info - Bph
   Mr. Miller's Venison Roast - Bph
   Venison Creole - Bph
   Woodchuck (Ground Hog)
   Buffalo Fillet with Honey Roasted Vidalias
   Frontier Buffalo Burger with Green Tomato Salsa
   Frontier Buffalo Cowboy Steak on Watercress
   Braised Lamb's Liver Henderson.
   Quail on Croutons
   Baked Deer Meat
   Brandied Quail
   Chicken Pie Deluxe
   Creamed Turkey
   Frontier Buffalo Cowboy Steak on Watercress and Totsoi
   Buffalo Fillet, Vidalias, Sugar Snap Peas, Enoki Mushroom
   Brunswick Stew with Quail