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Category: MAIN

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   Baked Lamb Shanks --Meat--
   Festive Chicken --Meat--
   Friday Night Pot Roast (Meat)
   Savory Poached Carp (Hot or Jelled)
   Baked Lamb Shanks
   Spaghetti Pizza
   Pasta Orleans
   Linguine W/spicy Meat Sauce
   WW Fettuccine Supreme
   Miss Maude's Spaghetti Casserole
   Pepperoni Pasta*
   Chicken Balsamic
   Pork Barbecue and Noodles
   Chili Macaroni
   Pasta W/roasted Vegetables & Balsamic Vinegar
   Shrimp and Penne Pasta
   Christmas Pasta Sauce *** (Pdfx51b)
   Baked Lasagna (Lasagne Al Forno)
   Spinach Lasagna (Lasagne Agli Spinaci)
   Lasagnette with Wild Mushroom Sauce
   Walnut Sauce From Garlic Country
   Maccheroni Con Broccoli (Shells with Broccoli) - Italian
   Forest Fettucine with Morels and Breast of Pheasant
   Tagliatelle with Salmon and Horseradish Sauce
   Jeannie's Macaroni and Cheese
   Fettuccine with Smoked Turkey in Black Peppercorn Sauce
   Lodestone Lasagne
   Bacon Spaghetti
   Rigatoni a la Vodka***
   Pasta with Broccoli
   Spaghetti with Bacon & Egg
   Malay Pickle
   Mixed Pickle
   Sugar and Spice Salmon
   Egg Noodles in Rich Hoisin Gravy
   Groaty Dick Pudding
   My Steak and Kidney Pudding
   Steamed Puddings - Ground Beef Filling
   Rice Pudding 3
   Cheese Bread Pudding
   Tofu Raspberry Pudding
   Dot's Banana Pudding
   Triple Chocolate Pudding
   Sweet Cornmeal Pudding
   Midnight Pudding (Marcel Desaulniers)
   Wholemeal Red and Yellow Pepper Quiche with Pansies
   Three-Cheese Quiche
   Cheese Quiche Supreme