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Category: FISH

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   Red Snapper Red
   Hearty Halibut
   Crockpot Fish Chowder
   Sole in Herbed Butter
   Lemon Baked Sole-Diabetic
   Crab on Crackers
   Fish & Mushrooms
   Linguine with Clam Sauce (Silverman)
   Potato Leek & Cod Soup
   Shrimp Dip (Finsand)
   Shrimp Scampi 2
   Steamed Oysters
   Tuna Fish Mushrooms & Celery
   Tuna Pilaf
   Crawfish or Shrimp Pilaf
   Stuffed Shrimp a la Chris
   Shrimp Scampi #33
   Bombay Fish Fillets in Romaine (Kangi)
   Hapu'upu'u and Veggie Stew (Fish Stew)
   Mahimahi Mexicali (Fish)
   Pan-Poached Salmon with Light Lemon Herb Sauce
   Spicy Clams in Black Bean Sauce
   Chinese Style Sea Scallops
   Oriental-Style Sea Scallops
   Oriental Shrimp and Scallions
   Sashimi Delight - Aku/ahi
   Shih Chin Tan P'ai (Assorted Meat in Egg Pie)
   Pan Sushi
   Lomi Lomi Salmon Spread Dxdg05a
   Lomi Lomi Salmon Fbfj97a
   Grilled Hawaiian Fish with Papaya Relish
   Poke Aku (Hawaiian Raw Fish)
   Lomi Salmon
   Salmon Party Log
   Baked Fish in Corn Husks
   Polynesian Sea Steaks
   Shrimp Ono Nui (Coconut Shrimp)
   Grilled Hawaiian Fish in Basil-Coconut Curry
   Fried Oyster Hot Pot
   Basic Sushi Rice
   Inari Sushi (Cone Sushi)
   Maki Sushi (Rolled Sushi)
   Hawaiian Broiled Fish #2
   Spicy & Sour Shrimp Soup
   Shrimp and Vegetable Salad with Pine Nut Dres
   Shrimp and Vegetable Salad with Pine Nut Dressing
   Poisson Cru
   Halibut Hawaiian
   Lomi Lomi Salmon Phillipe Padovani, Exec Chef, Manele Bay