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Category: PIE

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   German Onion Pie
   Blueberry Kuchen
   No-Crust German Chocolate Pie
   The 10 Minute German Sweet Chocolate Cream Pi
   Brie & Red Pepper Mini-Quiches
   Shepherd's Pie (Rodier)
   Sous Pate - Quebec Meat Pie
   1-Pot: Mushroom and Veal Pot Pie
   Best: Potato and Mushroom Strudel
   Seal Flipper Pie
   Melton Mowbray Pork Pie
   Pigeon Pie
   Beef Olive Pie (Scottish Elizabethan)
   Spiced Chicken & Pigeon Pie (Scottish Medieval)
   Mince Pies (Scottish Elizabethan)
   Spiced Onion Tart (Scottish Medieval)
   Steak and Kidney Pie
   A Goose Pye
   Old English Duck Pie with Forcemeat Balls & Chestnuts
   Steak and Kidney Pie > Robert Carrier
   A Tart For Ember Day
   Taste of Home Ground Beef Cornish Pasties^
   Shepherd's Pie Made Easy
   Leek and Soured Cream Flan
   Yorkshire Christmas Pye
   Suffolk Rabbit Pie(English)
   Cottage Pie
   Chicken & Leek Pie
   Mock Squab Pie
   Aunt Ellen's Cornish Pasties
   Cornish Pasty > Mutton
   Luck of the Irish Quiche
   Smoked Trout Tartelettes
   Smoked Trout Quiche
   Teifi Trout and Bacon(Welsh)
   Makoud (Beef and Potato Pie)
   Makoud (Beef & Potato Pie)
   Pierogi #101
   Khachapuri (Georgian Bean Paste Pie)
   Russian Vegetable Pie
   Lemon Curd (Prodigy)
   Rhubarb and Raspberry Pie
   Blackberry Jam Pie
   Cajun Sweet Potato Pie
   Prune Tart with Armagnac Ice Cream
   Quickie Peach Cobbler
   Aunt Ah's Pie Crust
   Lemon Jazz Pie
   Kay Harman's Apples and Cream Crumb Pie
   Pumpkin Mousse Pie