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Category: FISH

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   Dilled Potatoes and Fish Fillets
   New Potatoes with Black Caviar
   Smashed Potatoes with Truffle Emulsion
   Tuna and Potato Bake.
   Tuna--Potato Chip Bake
   Salt Herring with Potatoes
   Plank Salmon with New Potato Salad
   Pancetta Stuffed Flounder with Boiled New Potatoes and Ho
   Pancetta Stuffed Flounder W/ Boiled New Potatoes & Hollan
   Pan-Fried Catfish with a Warm Andouille Potato Salad
   Potato Crusted Red Snapper
   Power Play Potatoes and Fish
   Crunchy Potato Chip Tuna Salad
   Cod with Potato Crust
   Herring and Potato Casserole
   Grilled Salmon with Lemon & Thyme
   Salmon Loaf with Horseradish Sauce
   Grilled Salmon Steaks in Sauce
   Sauteed Salmon Scallops with Greens
   Salmon with Tamarind Sauce
   Salmon with Chive & Herb Sauce
   Smoked Salmon Rolls with Oysters
   Smoked Salmon, Bacon & Cheddar Rolls
   Fillet Mosaic with Red Pepper Sauce
   Grilled Salmon Fillets in Lettuce with Mustar
   Pesto Salmon and Sea Scallops with Lemon/garl
   Steamed King Salmon with Basil Sauce
   Salmon En Papillote
   Fish Fumet
   Smoked Salmon-And-Chive Sandwiches
   Old Fashioned Salmon Loaf
   Salmon-And-Olives Tartar
   Seafood Croquettes
   All-American Salmon Saute W/mushroom Sauce
   Herbed Roasted Salmon and Vegetables W/lemon
   Pan-Seared Salmon W/ Roasted Cumin-Coriander
   Salmon Loaf Ii
   Barchetta Endivia Belga E Taleggio (Endive &
   Grandma's Salmon Patties
   Scotch Salmon
   Seafood Frittata
   Pasta Con Salmone E Fontina
   Salmon Slices Baked in Cream
   West Coast Garlic Salmon
   Salmon Steak Bake
   Peas 'n' Salmon Loaf
   Salmon-Rice Pie with Olive Sauce
   Salmon Delight
   Salmon Loaf with White Sauce
   Salmon Cakes or Muffins