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Category: MEXICAN

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   Refried Beans, Ala Kathy Pitts
   Kathy Pitts' Fajitas
   Ixni-Pec - Yucatan Habanero Sauce - Rhp
   Kathy Pitts' Enchilada Sauce
   Chili Rellenos/sauce (WW 1970)
   Salsa Almendra Roja
   Hot Chile Sauce and Tomato Salsa
   Fresh Salsa Au Mexicale'
   Pico De Gallo Sauce
   Jalapeno/salsa Sauce
   Salsa Inferno
   Four-Pepper Margarita Salsa
   Sweet 'n Sassy Salsa
   Chipotles En Salsa Adobo
   Salsa Verde (Kathy Pitts)
   Edible Bowls: Crispy Tortilla Bowls
   Mexican Sweet Potato Candy
   Garlic Soup .002
   Habanero Pepper Sauce 2
   Guajillo Salsa
   Mark's Red Chile Sauce
   Manera De Hacer Un Buen Caldo
   Pico De Gallo San Antonio
   Mexican Make Ahead
   Tomatilla Sauce
   Border Pesto
   Mexican Baked Bean Loaf
   Kathy's Tamale Pie
   Frijoles Borrachos (Drunken Beans)
   Fajitas (Kathy)
   Lomo De Puerco Con Cerveza (Pork Loin with Beer)
   Papaya and Cilantro Salsa
   Citrus and Cilantro Salsa
   Beurre Blanc
   Mexican Re-Fried Beans From Scratch
   Caramelized Onion Quesadillas
   Corn and Goat Cheese Flan
   Southwest Turkey Fajitas
   Hatch Green Chili Salsa From Chuy's Restaurant
   Jalapeno Lime Sauce
   Yucca Blossom Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing
   Cactus Pad Salad with Fiery Jalapeno Dressing
   Vanilla Vinaigrette
   Simple Quesadillas
   Lentil Loaf Burrito
   Black Bean Soup & Chive Blossoms W/ Homemade Tortilla Chi
   White Bean Chilli
   Cantina Chicken
   Diana's Mexican Style Chicken
   Boiling Beef-Chile Rellenos