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   Zesty Pintos and Potatoes
   Avocado and Potato Salad with Horseradish
   Potatoes, Onions and Tofu Supreme
   Broken Bow Scalloped Potatoes
   Baked Carrots and Potatoes with Nutmeg
   Sparkling Potatoes
   Potato Gratin with Red Pepper Lattice
   Jalapeno Potato Cakes
   Jaques Pepin's Potatoes
   Potatoes Romanoff - Main Line Classics
   Easy Potatoes Au Gratin
   Cheddar Potatoes with Wreath of Vegetables
   "Wild" Potatoes
   Salami German Potato Salad
   Trouffade Auvergnate / Potato Cake
   Potato Dumplings or Kartoffelklosse
   Chayote and Potato Au Gratin
   Mashed Potatoes with Herbs
   Parslied Potato Salad
   Potato Salad with Dill, Sour Cream and Capers
   Potato Noodles
   Swiss Potato Hash Browns
   Cream of Potato Soup Bread - Gwhp32a
   Potato Onion Galette
   Potato-Corn Cakes
   Potato Latke
   Potato Pancakes (No-Fry Latkes)
   Cajun Stuffed Potatoes
   Sillgratin (Herring & Potato Casserole)
   Prawn, Green Mango and Potato Curry
   Milhassous (Correzian Potato Cakes)
   Warm Mashed Potato and Bacon Salad
   Mom's Crispy Chicken & Potatoes
   Enchiladas De Papas (Potato Enchiladas)
   Celery Mashed Potatoes and Chicken Gravy
   Seafood Rice
   Salmon Corncakes
   Salmon Timbales with Mornay Sauce
   Wattleseed Crepes
   Smoked Salmon and Potato Kugel
   Grilled Corn Wrapped with Bacon
   Avocado Chutney - Cic
   Maple Baked Apples
   Tourtou (Correzian Buckwheat Pancake)
   Southwest Fried Rice with Ancho Chiles
   Tortilla Dressing
   Albuquerque Corn-Bread Stuffing
   Orzo with Sun-dried Tomatoes
   Savory White Beans
   Savoy Wedges with Cheese Sauce