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Category: SEAFOOD

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   Saute of Shrimp with Bergamot Infusion
   Salmon with Asparagus Sauce
   Chicken Oscar
   New Jersey Clam Chowder
   Shrimp and Cashew Stir-Fry
   Casco Bay Rice
   Shrimp & Cashew Stir-Fry
   Shrimp and Sea Scallop Stir-Fry
   Marinated Gulf Shrimp with Cellophane Noodles
   Vietnamese Crab Spring Rolls
   Rock Lobster Lasagna
   Golden Crown Restaurant House Special Chow Mein
   Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon, Vodka and Dill
   Shrimp and Feta Ala Grecque
   Shrimp and Pork W/ Cellophane Noodles
   Kung Op Wun Sen (Baked Prawns and Mungbean Noodles)
   Shrimp with Fettucine
   Oriental Shrimp Salad
   Jansson's Frestelse (Jansson's Temptation) - Mshol
   Gravlax (Salmon Marinated in Dill) - Mshol
   Pusit Relleno
   Lumpia (Close Kin To Chi.egg Rools)
   Fried Dumplings with Hot Chili Sauce
   Duke's Clam Chowder
   Florida Bouillabaisse
   Georgia Crab Soup
   Grand Central Oyster Stew
   Italian Oyster Corn Chowder
   Neptune Gazpacho
   Oyster Soup
   Shrimp and Scallop Chowder with Coconut Milk
   Bluefish Chowder
   Shrimp Soup with Cabbage
   Garlic Butter Scampi
   Vaguely-Thai Scallops
   Seafood Pita
   Curried Shrimp and Macaroni Salad
   Green Shrimp Soup
   Abalone Meuniere Mandarin
   Arroz De Polvo
   Avocado Stuffed with Smoked Fish (West Africa)
   Bacalao Espanol (Spanish Cod)
   Barbecued Squid with Hot Dipping Sauce (Squid Sate)
   Black Bean Sauce Squid
   Braised Whole Fillet of Salmon (Julia Child)
   Chinese Steamed Cracked Crabs
   Cleaning Fresh Crabs
   Crab Casserole in a Clay Pot
   Crab in Ginger Sauce
   Curried Eel (Aal I Karry)