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Category: FISH

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   Bbq: Smoke-Grilled Salmon
   Glazed Salmon Fillets with Dill Mustard Sauce
   Poached Salmon with Horseradish Sauce (Moret)
   Salmon Poached in Champagne with Capers and T
   Soupe De Saumon a la Creme
   Salmon or Oyster Soup (Or Salsify Soup)
   Sea Soup
   Soupe De Saumon a la Creme From the Chaparral
   Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Tramezzini
   Alaska Salmon Salad Sandwich
   Salmon Club Sandwich
   Smoked Salmon and Endive Tea Sandwiches
   Grilled Salmon and Cheddar Sandwiches
   Baby Salmon Stuffed with Caviar I (Red Wine
   Baby Salmon Stuffed with Caviar Iii (Assembl
   Salm Nach Basler Art / Salmon Basel Style
   Redfish En Croute Aux Deux Mousses
   Saumon En Paupiette Au Beurre Blanc
   Honey and Soy Glazed Salmon
   Salmon Chowder
   Lemon-Peppered Salmon and Vegetables
   Fettuccine Alfredo with Salmon
   Smoked-Salmon Canapes #2
   Cedar-Smoked Salmon
   Smoked Salmon Cheescake
   California-Style Salmon
   Fish on a Stick
   Grilled Whole Salmon Fillet
   Northwest Grilled Salmon
   Salmon Corn Chowder
   Spice-Rubbed Grilled Salmon
   Salmon with Warm Passion-Fruit Vinaigrette
   Tourtiere a la Ouananiche (Lac St-Jean Salmon
   Alaska Salmon & Avocado Pasta Salad
   Salmon Dill Salad with Pasta Shells
   Dilled Salmon Salad
   Sweet and Hot Salmon Steaks
   Salmon Mousse(English)
   Salmon in Tomato Gravy Dnsr31a
   Salmon Loaf (Bobbie Beers)
   Baked Cqthi Salmon (Welsh)
   Baked Fish with Sweet and Sour Onions W/cousc
   Grilled Salmon W/ Roasted White Corn Salsa &
   Thyme Encrusted Salmon with Blackberry Gastrique
   Grilled Salmon with Sweet-And-Sour Cucumber Relish
   Poached Salmon with Asparagus and Kohlrabi Sl
   Super Salmon Burgers
   Salmon and Vegetable Frittata
   Penne Ala Vodka and Smoked Salmon