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   Barbecued Cabrito (Goat) - Sl 6/86
   Scrapple 2 - Tapdc
   Scrapple 3 - Tapdc
   Baked Virginia Ham Sl
   To Make Sausage 1
   Smoked Tongue in Creole Sauce
   Ham Baked in Cider
   Pickled Mirlitons New Orleans
   Marinated Mirliton
   511842 Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Pie
   Maple Custard Pie
   Cranberry Pie
   Easy To Make Mince Pie
   Tuna Fish Pie
   511221 Pennsylvania Dutch Corn-Chicken Soup
   Chicken Okra Gumbo
   Hot 'n Spicy Party Mix
   Cajun Meat and Oyster Pie
   Rave Review Roast
   Barbecued Baked Beans
   Sensational Spinach Pie
   Bordelaise Sauce - Master Chefs
   Barbecue Sauce .001
   Barbecue Sauce .002
   Williamsburg Lodge Honey Dressing - Twc
   Chuch's Tartar Sauce
   The #1 Venison Marinade
   Roux (Microwave Version)
   Albin's Barbecue Sauce
   Deviled Nuts
   Winter Vegetable Potage
   Green Chili
   Cajun Fried Green Tomatoes
   Blackening Spice Mix
   Fresh Halibut Baked with Smoked Salmon > Adapted
   Cool Salmonólover's Salad
   "That" Cherry Dessert
   Grape Streusel Pie
   Lemon-Cinnamon Cookies
   Mary's Kaeskuch (Cheese Kuchen)
   Memphis Lemon Pie
   Memphis Mississippi Mud Cake
   Russian Pancakes
   Wisconsin Cherry Sauce