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Category: FISH

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   Manicotti with Salmon Sauce
   Gravlax with Mustard Sauce
   Salmon Canapes
   Stuffed Salmon Supreme
   Gravlax W/ Dill, Fennel & Mint
   Gateau De Saumon
   Alaska Salmon a la Rainier
   Tuna Salmon Rosette with Cucumber Salad and Citrus Oil
   Warm Salad of Steamed Salmon, Ceci and Sunflower Sprouts
   Lemony Salmon Patties
   Lavash Rolls
   Baked Salmon with Vegetables & Herbs - Bon Appetit
   Salmon and Basil Loaf
   Steamed Salmon Dinner for Two
   Salmon Divine
   Smoked Salmon and Horseradish Mousse
   Herbed Salmon Noodle Casserole
   Salmon Marinade for Whole Salmon
   Poached Salmon in Ravigote Sauce
   Croquettes Lyonnais
   Firecracker Grilled Alaskan Salmon
   Salmon in Seaweed Crust Stuffed with Smoked Cod
   Pink Salmon Terrine
   Salmon and Corn Chowder
   Grilled Salmon W/ Roasted/chanterelle Mushrooms & Shallot
   Time for Tea
   Rob's Salmon Mouse Soufle
   Grilled Salmon W/ Ancho Chile Honey Glaze
   Baked Fresh Salmon Steak
   Salmon with Brazilian Rub
   Planked Salmon with Grilled Pineapple, Rhubarb and Habane
   Honey and Rum Marinated Salmon El Morro
   Peppered Salmon Fillets with Minted Tomato Salsa
   Artichoke-Crusted Salmon with Mint Vinaigrette
   Canned Salmon
   Salmon Wellington
   Herb-Grilled Salmon
   Soy-Salmon W/cilantro-Coconut Chutney
   Salmon in a Vibrant Sauce
   Steamed Salmon with Lomi-Lomi Relish
   Microwave Salmon Steaks
   Herbed Salmon Bake
   Salmon & Avocado with Sesame Soy Dressing
   Smoked Salmon Crepe Spirals
   Salmon with Pineapple Salsa
   Smoked Salmon Stuffed Tomatoes
   Salmon Loaf with Creamed Peas
   Steamed Salmon Loaf
   Smoked Salmon on Toast or Jicama Hearts (Mf)
   Taro Root and Garlic Chive Latka