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Category: MAIN

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   Trout and Mushrooms in Cream
   Pan-fried Trout with Sage and Almonds
   Uberbackener Spinat Mit Kase (Baked Spinach Wi
   Swiss Cheese and Sausage Deep Dish
   ZR Frijoles (Mexican Beans)
   Basic Loaf Recipe for Legumes
   Squashed Potato Casserole
   Sweet and Sour Bean Stew
   Sweet Potato Patch
   Quiche in a Crust
   Breakfast for "8" (Baked Breakfast)
   Chili Manana
   Chilies & Sausage Quiche
   Crab Souffle with Green Peppers
   Crabmeat Quiche
   Eggs Bene-Lox
   Featherbed Eggs
   Firehouse Quiche
   Hangtown-Fry Omelet
   Oeufs Mollets with Green Sauce
   Omelette Pakaki Curry (Spinach & Tomato Omele
   Pasta Rolls
   Poached Eggs with Ham & Veggie Hash
   Spicy Eggs
   Swiss Cheese & Sausage Deep Dish
   Tomato Cro–ton Omelette
   Torsk Med Eggesaus (Poached Codfish Steaks W/
   Uberbackener Spinat Mit Kase (Baked Spinach w
   Fasta Pasta
   Linguine with Walnut Sauce
   Tom's Tofu Loaf
   Orange Ginger Beef
   Five-Spice Broiled Pork Chops
   Chinese Pork Roast
   Kun Pao Shrimp
   "Smothered" Steak
   Baked Ham in Foil
   Crockpot Sausage & Cabbage
   Crockpot Pork Roast
   Lentils with Garlic & Rosemary
   Tapaka (Armenian Fried Chicken)
   Pea Soup - Newfoundland Style
   Diabetic Spaghetti Sauce
   Diabetic Easy Oven Stew
   Cod Creole
   Crunchy Topped Cod
   Five-Spice Fish
   Haddock and Broccoli Chowder
   Hoki Balls in Tomato Sauce