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   Grilled Salmon W/ Mango Ginger Vinaigrette & Cucumber Jic
   Salmon Caesar Salad
   Salmon Provencale
   Salmon Strips with Pineapple-Pepper Relish
   Salmon W/herbed Mayonnaise and Zucchini Rice
   Salmon with Mustard Sauce #2
   Salmon Trout Salad Http://www.mitchell.demon.nl/
   Pasta with Warm Salmon
   Pescado Con Abramela
   Fishermen's Best Spread
   Oven Roasted Chilli Salmon on Spinach-Onion Fondue
   Honey Pepper Cured Salmon W/charred Vegetable Relish
   Smoked Irish Salmon with Potato Wafers and Horseradish Sa
   Bbq [Smoker] Salmon 1
   Bbq [Smoker] Salmon 2
   Green Salad with Caviar and Smoked Salmon
   Monocuisine Meal
   Hell's Gate Salmon Chowder
   Grilled or Barbecued Salmon with Fennel
   Tostones with Salmon Tartare and Avocado-Chipotle Relish
   Scandia's Gravad Lox
   Butter Barbecued Salmon
   Curried Salmon-Rice Loaf
   Smoked Salmon Pizza Bh&g
   Rillettes De Saumon Fume Smoked Salmon Dip
   Mustard Baked Salmon
   Salmon Caesar
   Salmon Roll > Baker Boulanger
   Salmon and Havarti Pizza
   Roast Whole Salmon Heather Watts & Jock Soto, Our Meals
   Salmon and Tarragon Leaves By: Dairy Diary 1988
   Salmon Fish Cakes By: Dairy Diary 1997
   Uova Farcite Al Limone (Tuscany)
   Cold-Smoked Salmon
   Smoked Slamon Patties
   Buds Sunday Salmon Croquettes
   Alaska Style Salmon Pie
   Cedar Plank Salmon
   Terry's Salmon Trout Salad
   Terry's Warm Salmon Medallions with Crisp Vegetable Salad
   Terry's Escalope of Salmon with Black Treacle, Juniper, S
   Terry's Smoked Sturgeon with Beetroot Carpaccio.
   Terry's Salmon with Oysters, Hijiki, Ginger Shisi-Mirin B
   Skewers of Atlantic Salmon with Tarragon Mayonnaise
   "Little Chief" Smoked Salmon Deluxe
   Tweed Kettle Www.backhaul.netok/scotfish.htm
   Low-Salt Gravlax: Tom Valenti, Ny Times 11/11/98
   Cyril Renaud's Citrus Gravlax: Ny Times 11/11/98
   Tasso Cured Red Snapper
   Classic Scrambled Eggs