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Category: MAIN

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   Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie
   Sweet Sour Beef Balls
   Toasty Cheese Bake
   Adobong Okra
   Kalsbrust Mit Krauterfullung (Veal Breast / H
   Kalbssxhnitzel in Currysosse (Veal Steaks / L
   Ash Sak (Lamb & Spinach Soup with Meatballs)
   Moroccan Five-Grain Pilaf
   Venison in Broth England, 1378
   To Boil Pheasants, Partridges, Capons, & Curlews
   Chicken with Pine Nuts England, 1378
   Cold Spiced Chicken England, 15th Century
   Galantine of Capon England, 15th Century
   Great Pies England, 15th Century
   Roast Goose with Sauce Madame England, 1378
   Loin of Lamb with Apple and Ginger Stuffing (Irish)
   Crusty Roast Lamb (Uaineoil Faoi Chrusta) (Irish)
   Dublin Sunday Corned Beef and Cabbage Il
   Roast Beef with Horseradish Sauce and Roast Potatoes
   Risted Laks Med Kremsaus (Fried Trout in Sour Cream Sauce
   Pan-Fried Trout with Sage & Almonds
   Kosher Creole Seafood Gumbo
   Malaysian Fish with Pears
   Trout, Nut Crusted
   Risted Laks Med Kremsaus (Fried Trout in Sour
   Skillet Hot Reds - Cp 8/97
   Baked Trout
   Trout with Wild Mushrooms
   Ukrainian Varinikiis (Perogis)
   Ukrainian Peroskies
   Nut-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
   "Galumpkies"- Cabbage Rolls
   Polish Cabbage Rolls
   P Mitchell
   Capsicum Cream
   Paneer (Indian Cheese)
   Mateer Paneer-Green Peas & Cheese in Fragrant Tomato Sauc
   Piperade with Ham
   Bacalao (Salt Cod)
   Kasha #2
   Ahuyama Rellena (Stuffed Squash)
   Ihop Pancakes Cheese Blintz
   Vermicelli with Tomato Sauce
   Tuna Fish Mushrooms & Celery
   Tex-Mex Corn Soup #2
   Carol's Baked Chicken
   Beginner Baked Chicken #1
   Chinese Chicken Corn Soup #2
   Diabetic Tofu and Broccoli Stir-Fry
   Green Peppercorn Duck