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   "Forgotten" Minestrone
   "Smothered" Steak
   Ranch-Style Brisket and Beans (Crockpot)
   Beef Stroganoff (Crockpot)
   Waterless Pot Roast
   Frozen Bouillon Cubes^
   Mexican Macaroni
   A Roste - Beef Roast with Crisps Medieva
   Blackened Prime Rib / Rib Eye with Roasted Ga
   Bamia (Meatball & Okra Saute in Tomato Sauce)
   Beidh B'laham (Eggs & Meat Patties)
   Chouia (Meat Soup)
   Domates Ke Pipriya (Meat Stuffed Peppers)
   Evie Golden & Margie Solter's Brisket W/ Cran
   Fajones (Beef & White Bean Stew)
   Fatoot Im Hilbeh (Beef Soup with Fenugreek)
   Hamim De Kastanya (Beef & Chestnut Stew)
   Khinta (Wheat Porridge with Stuffed Beef Pock
   Khoresht Bamieh (Beef & Okra Saute)
   Khoresht Bamieh Lape (Meat, Okra, & Split-Pea
   Khoresht Bay (Beef & Quince Stew with Pomegra
   Khoresht Chogondar (Beet, Beef, & Fruit Stew)
   Khoresht Karafs (Beef & Celery Stew)
   Kifte De Prasa (Leek & Beef Patties)
   Koobe Chamo (Dome-Shaped Dumplings in Soup)
   Koobe Chamusta (Friday Lunch Dumplings in Sou
   Koobe Matfuniya (Red Dumplings)
   Koobe Shifte Bi Tomate (Meatballs in Tomato S
   Korma Sabzi (Herbed Meat with Prunes)
   Kreplach - Chicken & Beef
   Kutel Pishra (Stuffed Fried Dumplings)
   Mahchi (Stuffing Zucchini)
   Marag Koobe (Vegetables Soup with Dumplings)
   Mayeena (Matzoh & Potato Bake)
   Orez Chamutz (Lemon-Flavored Beef & Rice)
   Pastel De Carni (Meat Pie for Passover)
   Polo Gremeh Lape (Pilau with Cubed Meat, Yell
   Quartico (Beef & Matzoh Pie for Passover)
   Savory Oven Brisket *** Bgmb90b @
   Sofrito (Spiced Beef & Vegetable Stew)
   Solyanka (Beef, Herbs, & Pickles in Tomato Sa
   Sylvia's Cholent (L a Times)
   Tolma Chorzi (Beef-Stuffed Cabbage)
   Tzimmes & a Gahtzah Tzimmes
   Rostbraten Mit Pilzfulle (Beef Roast with Mush
   Sauerbraten Mit Ingwer Kuchen Sosse(Saurebrate
   Apple Glazed Beef Brisket
   Beef-Broccoli Strudel
   Mushroom Stuffed Eye of Round Roast
   Creole Beef over Rice
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Ribeye steaks, pdphoto.org

This photo of Beef steaks is provided as a public domain photo from pdphoto.org. It is representative of the recipes in this category, which include Spicy Grilled Steak. This not a photo of food prepared from that recipe. The photo has been edited. For the original photo, go to this page