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Category: MAIN

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   Duck Liver Terrine
   Spiced Smoked Goose
   Roast Duck with Apples
   Duckling a L'orange
   Western-Style Peking Duck
   Roasted Duck Breast with Pineapple Chutney
   Duck Couscous
   Wok-Seared-Duck Salad
   Duckling Cassoulet
   Fesenjan - Iranian Duck with Walnuts
   South Goanese Fiery Duck Curry in Vindaloo Sa
   Braised Duck (Or Mussels) W. Red Curry
   Venison-Beef Stew
   Baron of Rabbit with Roasted Tomatoes & Olive
   Boned Pigeon in a Wild Rice & Corn Field
   Braised Leg of Rabbit
   Butterfield Stage Line Chili
   Fried Rabbit #1
   Pigeon in Red Wine Sauce
   Rabbit Terrine with Prunes And...
   Rabbit with Chives
   Rabbit with Creole Mustard Sauce (Le Filet De
   Tawny Roasted Pheasants
   To Boil Pheasants, Partridges, Capons, & Curl
   Venison Chops & Rice
   Sherried Dove
   Dove Delight
   Louisiana Alligator
   Noisettes De Chevreuil Saint-Hubert
   Brandied Quail
   Pork Loin Lahaina
   Huli-Huli Chicken Marinade (Lparis)
   Aloha for Six: Ginger-Glazed Pork Tenderloins
   Baked Stuffed Papayas
   Grilled Sirloin & Potatoes
   Arni Psito Me Patates (Roast Lamb with Potato
   Green Bean/zucchini & Potato Stew
   Heavenly Potato Gratin
   Low-Calorie Potato, Onion, and Garlic Gratin
   Mashed Potato Gratin with Garlic and Onions
   New Potatoes with Green/gold Topping
   Stewed Tomatoes with Potato Peasant Purses
   Buttermilk Potato Doughnuts No. 1565
   Provencale Tomato and Potato Soup
   Potato-Nut Patties
   New-Fashioned Spam Scalloped Potatoes
   Elegant Potato Spam Casserole
   Heidi's Potatoes with Portabellas
   Leek and Potato Soup 3
   Veal,spinach & Mashed Potato Roll