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   Fried Bean Curd with a Sweet and Sour Sauce
   Chicken Curry Kabobs on Rice
   Curried Chicken Spring Rolls
   Sichuan Cashew Chicken
   Szechwan Eggplant and Tofu
   Chicken with Green and Red Pepper
   Chinese Fire Pot
   Basic Stock for Soups
   Chinese Hot and Sour Soup
   Chinese-Ginger-Meatball and Watercress Soup
   Crab Combination Soup
   Crackling Rice Vegetable Soup
   Ducklings Swimming in a Pond
   Egg Drop Soup #1
   Egg Drop Soup #3
   Egg Drop Soup #4
   Egg Drop Soup #5
   Egg Drop Soup #6
   Egg Drop Soup #7
   Four Delight Sizzling Rice Soup
   Golden Tiger Dumpling Soup
   Hot and Sour Soup #1
   Hot and Sour Soup #2
   Hot and Sour Soup #3
   Hot and Sour Mandarin Soup
   Hot and Sour Soup #4
   Oriental Chrysanthemum Bowl
   Peking Shrimp Ball Soup
   Poor Man's Soup
   Scallop Corn Soup
   Shanghai Fish Soup
   Shrimp Wonton Soup
   Shrimp Won Ton
   Silver Noodle Soup
   Sour-Hot Soup (Suan la Tang)
   Szechwan Soup
   Tomato Egg Drop Soup
   Vegetable Soup (Su Tsai Tang)
   Velvet Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup
   White Fish Pieces in Soup
   Winter Melon Soup, Simplified (Doong Gwah Tong)
   Wonton Soup #1
   Wonton Soup #2
   Wonton Soup or Fried Wonton
   Yunnan Steamed Pot Chicken #1
   Mu Shui Tofu
   Chinese Vegetable Soup
   Chinese Chicken Salad B1
   Whole Winter Melon Soup B1
   Peking Duck B1
Chinese wonton picture

Wonton, PDPhoto

This photo of a wonton is provided as a public domain photo from PD Photo. It is representative of the recipes in this category, which include Wonton Soup. This is not a photo of that recipe. The photo has been edited. For the original photo, go to this page.