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   Sherried Baked Duck - Slc
   Duck with Orange Gravy - Sl 11/81
   Baked Quail with Mushrooms - Sl 11/81
   Venison Roast with Red Wine Gravy - Sl 11/85
   Venison Roast - Sl 10/82
   Tabasco Classic - Venison Chops Marchand De Muscadine
   Roasted Duck (Kathy Pitts)
   Venison Stew with Potato Dumplings - Sl 12/87
   Steamed Pheasant - Korea
   39th Parallel Pheasant - Korea
   Roast Duckling with Tangerine Stuffing - Sl 1/90
   An Absolutely Perfect Roast Goose!+
   Pan-Roasted Doves - Sl 11/87
   Dove Au Vin - Sl 11/95
   Squirrel Supreme
   Australian Poached Rabbit with Bruschetta
   Paint Lick Country Fried Rabbit and Gravy
   Traditional American Rabbit Fricassee
   Hearty Rabbit and Tomato Casserole
   Creole Rabbit Jambalaya
   Wilderness Fried Rabbit with Pan Gravy
   Lapin Au Cidre (French Rabbit Cooked in Cider)
   Depression Era Fried Rabbit
   Depression Era Rabbit Stew
   Southern Fried Rabbit with Gravy
   Bear Pot Roast
   Bear Stew
   Bear Roast
   Spiced Rabbit
   Fried Rabbit
   Simmered Rabbit
   Grilled Tenderloin of Venison - Victoria 12/95
   Wild Duck and Barley Soup with Hoisin Sauce
   Roast Pigeons (Heirloom)
   Stewed Pigeons (Heirloom)
   Pigeon Pie (Heirloom)
   Squab Pot-Pie (Heirloom)
   Stuffing for Squab, No. 1 - with Almonds
   Stuffing for Squab, No. 2 - with Livers
   Roasted Squabs
   Broiled Squab
   Squabs En Casserole
   Potrawka Z Golebi (Polish Squab)
   Minute Ostrich Steaks (La Times)
   Ostrich Chili-Corn Tamale (La Times)
   Grilled Emu Fillet with Riberry Sauce
   Fiesta Emu Burgers
   Emu Steak Au Poivre
   Ostrich Steak W/ Vanilla