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   Ostrich Steak
   Wild Ducks
   Caribou Sausage .001
   Caribou Sausage .002
   Braised Rattlesnake
   Brush Country Deer Loaf
   Venison Sauce Piquante
   Venison Marinade
   Barbecued Bear
   Grilled Dove
   Quail on Toast
   Marinated Venison
   Pheasant Pie
   Hungarian Roast Duck
   Brunch Quails
   Quails with Green Grapes
   Hunter's Partridge
   Braised Partridges
   Braised Woodcock
   Ruffed Grouse Amandine
   Grouse with Orange Slices
   Holiday Rump Roast
   Sally's Armadillo Something or Other
   Venison with Forest Berry Relish
   Venison Scallopini
   Big Game Marinade
   Rattlesnake Salad
   Rattlesnake Fry
   Pigeon or Squab Pie
   Echo Lake Elk Steaks with Green Peppercorn Sauce
   Comance Fried Frog Legs
   Zuni Jackrabbit Stew
   Mandarin Goose
   Roast Goose with Potato Stuffing
   Roast Duck, Southern Style
   Native American Elk Stew with Acorn Dumplings
   Wild Duck Soup
   Venison Lasagna
   Old Man Kelsey's Deer Jerky
   Savory Wild Rice and Raisins
   Mohawk Marinated Bear Steak
   French Fried Skunk
   Comanche Roast Wild Duck
   Spiced Venison Roast
   Gila Stew
   Fricassee of Rabbit
   Herb Roasted Rabbit and Potatoes
   Roast Rack of Venison with Wild Mushrooms - Bon Appetit
   Pigeon with Cherries
   Small Birds in a Pie England, 1378