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Category: FISH

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   Tuna Melt
   Tuna Melt Redux
   Pepper's Tuna Casserole
   Scalloped Tuna
   Chop Suey with Tuna
   Fish and Mushrooms
   Shrimp and Rice
   Baked Fish Cake
   Tuna Cheese Salad
   Curried Tuna Salad
   Tuna Danish
   Tuna Salad Sandwich
   Lemon Baked Sole
   Halibut Creole(Cod May Be Used Instead)
   Grilled Fish W/pineapple-Cilantro Sauce
   Oktapodi Maratho Krasato (Octopus & Fennel in Wine)
   Red Snapper with Achiote Paste (Huachinango C
   Fish Cakes #1
   Sauteed Halibut with Kiwi Chardonnay Sauce
   Marinade for Chicken or Fish
   Ginger-Lime Swordfish Steaks **
   Mediterranean Escabeche Mixed Grill
   Mustard-Herb Marinade
   Baked Fish with Vegetables
   Fish Florentine
   Fish in Tomato-Wine Sauce
   Fish Stir Fry
   Fish with Tomatoes
   Fruited Fish
   Poached Fish
   Trout in Foil
   Scallop Stir-Fry
   Broiled North Sea Black Cod
   Salmon in Cabbage Leaves
   Grilled Salmon Sandwich
   Grilled Salmon with Potato and Watercress Salad
   Asian Fish Rolls in Rice-Paper Wrappers
   Nantucket Cioppino
   Fish 'n Chips 'n Peas
   Grouper with Spicy Mustard Sauce
   Oven Fried Ocean Whitefish Parmesan :: Pdpp83a
   Steamed Shrimp & Scallops with Orange Vinaigr
   Catfish with Spicy Orange Sauce
   Oven Fried Ocean Whitefish Parmesan
   Scalloped Potato and Tuna Casserole
   Spicy Grilled Shrimp
   Orange Roughy
   Gefilte Fish --Pareve--
   Savory Poached Carp (Hot or Jelled)
   Angel Hair Pasta with Tomato-Scallop Sauce