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Category: ALCOHOL

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   Irish Creme
   Magic Bourbon or Rum Balls
   Apple Knockers
   Mud Slide
   Red Sangria
   Spirited Cider
   Cheesy Cioppino
   Whiskey Balls
   Pina Colada Bread Pudding
   Soup: French Onion Soup (Au Pied De Cochon Re
   Honey-Rum Balls
   Homemade Cream Liqueurs
   Irish Cream 1
   Irish's Cream Liqueur 2
   Rum Sauce
   Rum Butter Sauce
   U-238 Punch (?)
   Jack Daniel's Chocolate Ice Cream
   Rum Balls
   Wine Cooler
   Advocaat (Dutch Eggnog)
   Bahama Breeze
   Neapolitan Delight
   Bacardi Chocolate Rum Cake
   Jean's Bourbon Ice Cream
   Chowning's Tavern Wine Cooler
   Caribbean Guava Punch
   Bruce Aidell's Bourbon-Mustard Glaze
   Bourbon Sauce for Desserts
   Havana Banana
   Spiked Eggnog
   Light Custard Eggnog
   Apricots in Brandy
   Artillery Punch
   Strawberries Elegante
   Spirited Fruit
   Grilled Rum-Soaked Shrimp with Mango Lime Rel
   Homemade Galiano
   Duck and Cover
   Frozen Pumpkin Mousse
   Singapore Sling
   Apricot Wine
   Easter Egg Nog
   Stained Glass Candy
   L.j's Winter Tomato Soup
   Glogg 1
   No Hassle Wassail
   Cranberry Liqueur
   Orange Sangria