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Category: AMERICAN

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   Rita's Stuffed Bell Peppers
   Bonnie's Potato Salad
   Roast Duckling a la Orange
   Broccoli Pasta Salad
   Twice-Baked Squash
   No-Fry French Fries
   Spicy Plum Sauce
   U.s. Senate Bean Soup
   Blackout Cake -I
   Brownie Baked Alaska
   Easy Frosted Brownies
   Creme De Menthe Brownie Bars
   Surprise Candy Teacakes
   Candy Bar Shakes
   Mom's Easy Chocolate Peanut Candy
   Spaghetti Squash and Chicken Skillet Casserole
   Lorenzo Dressing
   Kiwi Fruit Gelato ***Jo
   Kiwi Sherbet/1i02
   Apple Muffins - Barbour
   Jambalaya with Pork Loin
   Artichokes and Shrimp W/ Pasta
   Macaroni-Shrimp Salad
   Bacon-Green Bean Pasta Toss
   Beet Fettuccine
   Beet Fettuccine with Caviar
   Broccoli and Pasta Toss
   Carrot Fettuccine
   Cornmeal Noodles
   Curry Pasta with Cucumber
   Egg Noodles
   Macaroni-Cheese Salad
   Grilled Shrimp with Lemon & Chive Pasta
   Fig Bread Pudding
   Butterscotch Pudding
   Pistachio Pudding
   Yummy Bread Pudding
   Lobster Quiche
   Charbroiled Swordfish with Citrus Salsa
   Chef's Salad
   Broiled Oriental Turkey Slices
   Chicken Salad Filling
   Fruited Turkey Salad
   Giblet Stuffing
   Turkey in Lemon Caper Sauce
   Sausage-Stuffed Turkey Breast
   Tasty Turkey Sandwiches
   Monte Cristo Sandwiches
   Classy Club Sandwiches
   Bowl of the Wife Of Kit Carson