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Category: AUSSIE

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   Aussie Meat Pie Filling
   Coffee Essence
   Coffee Tips [Ttt/bc]
   Coffee-Making - Old Style [F&f/cwa]
   Home-Made Lemonade
   Lemon Juice Cordial
   Moselle Cup
   A Rich Meat Pie [C. Early 19th Century Australian]
   Apple Fritters [Empire Cookery]
   Aussie Bush Ice-Cream Bombe
   Aussie Chocolate Damper
   Aussie Christmas Ice-Cream Pudding
   Aussie Kangaroo Pie
   Australia Summer Puddings
   Australian Sticky Date Pudding
   Baked Bread-And-Butter Pudding
   Baked Fruit, Bread and Butter Custard Pudding
   Banana Puffs
   Barmbrach [Tea-Cake Made By Many Pioneers]
   Basic Biscuit Mixture [And Variations]
   Basket Cake [Fruit] Boiled
   Blanc Mange
   Blanc Mange 1. [Empire Cookery]
   Blanc Mange 3. (Rich) [Empire Cookery]
   Blue Cheese Ice-Cream
   Bunya Bunya Nut Pudding W' Wattle Caramel Sauce]
   Butter Cream [For Filling Cakes]
   Cherry Cake [Empire Cookery]
   Chester Squares
   Chocolate Cake [Empire Cookery]
   Chocolate Dipped Prunes in Brandy Sauce [Stephanie's]
   Christmas Cake (Rich) [Empire Cookery]
   Cinnamon and Macadamia Souffl W' Blue Gum Honey Ice-Crea
   Classic Stout Chocolate Cake
   Coconut Delights
   Cream Puffs [Empire Cookery]
   Custard Boiled [Empire Cookery]
   Dark Cake
   Date and Almond Squares
   Date Cake [Empire Cookery]
   Delicious Pudding [Empire Cookery]
   Eggless Fruit Pudding
   Eileen's Nutties Biscuits
   Emu Egg Cinnamon Pavlova
   Fairy Sponge
   Frozen Aniseed Myrtle Parfait
   Gelatine Blanc Mange 2. [Empire Cookery]
   Genuine Cornish Pasties [From Cornish Miners/bailmaidens]
   Ginger Sponge
   Gingerbread (Moist) [Empire Cookery]