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Category: BAKERY

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   Orange Chip Cookies
   Oatmeal-Apple Cookies
   Apricot Bars
   Crunchy Millet Bread
   Berry Pecan Cornbread
   Italian Chocolate Nut Cookies
   Basic White Crackers
   Wheat Thins
   Quick Soda Crackers
   Crunchy Peanut Crackers
   Double Cashew Crackers
   Walnut Rounds
   Spicy Corn Crisps
   Hot Potato Crackers
   Curry Crackers
   Mark's Soda Bread
   Basic Pita
   Sweetened Sesame Pita
   Unleavened Griddle Baked Pita
   Bread Pudding,chocolate
   Bread Pudding Souffle
   Bette's Bread Pudding with Lemon Sauce
   Debbie's Bread Pudding
   Alyce Mantia's Almond Bread Pudding
   Jalapeno-Yeast-Corn Muffins
   Mung Bean Pastries
   Squash Pie
   Apricot Creme Tart
   Caribbean Banana Dessert
   Chocolate Glaze
   Delectable Carob Fudge
   Granola Ii
   Nut Icing
   Teff Cakes
   Traditional Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce
   Vegan Christmas Cake
   Vegetarian Mince Pies
   Vegetarian Mince Pies Ii
   Spiced Cornbread
   Corn Muffins Aug. 02, 1994
   Adobe Bread
   Epangishimog Pakwejigan (Shuswap Bannock)
   Anish-Nah-Be Pakwejigan (Real Indian Bread)
   Missiiagan-Pakwejigan (Sunflower Bannock)
   Lithuanian Kruscuki (Fried Pastries)
   Lithuanian Pastry ("Little Ears" - Ausukes)
   Key Lime Danish Pastries
   498805 Kifli
   Light Brandy Fruitcake