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Category: BASQUE

   Basque Style Steamed Clams (Almejas Guisadas)
   Basque Tortilla
   Basque Lamb's Liver with Red Wine Sauce
   Basque Garlic Soup
   Basque Sheep Wagon Omelet
   Basque Lamb Fries
   Basque Lamb Chops with Tomatoes and Olives
   Basque Potatoes
   Basque Confit D'oie
   Chicken Basque Style
   Basque Pork and Green Pepper Pie
   Basque Roast Leg of Pork
   Basque Tongue and Sauce.
   Basque Soupa a la Vizcaya
   Basque Berza ( Cabbage with Short Ribs)
   Basque Dutch Oven Beer Bread
   John Ascuaga's Basque Bread - Pjxg05a
   Basque Flan De Castanas
   Zurrakapote ( Basque Fruit Compote)
   Basque Shepherd's Bread (Small Loaf)
   Squid in Its Own Ink (Chipirones En Su Tinta)
   Bacalao (Salt Cod)
   Bacloa Al Pil-Pil ( Basque Salt Cod )
   Basque Porrusalda
   Basque Style Paella
   Basque Salad
   Bacalao a la Viscaina
   Basque-Style Fisherman's Stew