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Category: BRITISH

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   Poor Knights of Windsor
   Roast Fresh Ham, Tudor Style
   Rough Puff Pastry
   Salt Crusted Old-English Prime Rib
   Shepherd's Pie
   Spotted Dick
   Spring Vegetables in a Parcel
   Steak & Kidney Pie
   Steak & Kidney Pudding
   Traditional English Scones
   Bakewell Tart
   Bangers or Oxford Sausages
   Beef with Pickled Walnuts
   Black Pudding From Scratch (English)
   Buttered Oranges
   Cheese Soup (Lanarkshire)
   Cornish Pasties
   Dry Salt Cure for a 14-Lb Ham
   Eccles Cakes
   Elizabethan Orange Tart
   English Muffins
   English Pub Mustard
   English Steak & Kidney Pie (British Isles)
   English Tea Cake
   English Wigs
   Fillet of Beef with Cornichon Tarragon Sauce
   Grasmere Gingerbread
   Haworth Bilberry Pie
   Highland Sausage Roll
   Honey Cure for Ham
   Lamb's Wool
   Devonshire English Cream (Heath Bar) Cheesecake
   Sourdough English Muffins
   English Cottage Loaf
   English Walnut Salad
   English Muffin Bread (For Bread Machines)
   Oat & Onion Tarts
   English Orange Trifle
   English Country House Lemon Curd
   English Cucumber and Ginger Conserve
   English Orange Marmalade
   Traditional English Mustard
   English Toffee Refrigerator Cake
   Raspberry Cream
   Betty Ann's Asparagus Casserole
   Spotted Dog