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Category: CANADIAN

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   Arcadian Eight Bean Chili
   Canadian Flapjacks
   Canadian Souffles
   Quebec Tourtiere
   Tourtiere #2
   Tourtiere #3
   Wild Rice with Mushrooms
   Green Tomato Soup
   Veau Dans Le Chaudron ( Veal Pot Roast)
   Jambon De Le Cabane a Sucre ( Sugar House Ham)
   Quebec Poached Salmon
   Apple Pork Chops
   Apple Pancakes From the Townships
   Christmas Oyster Soup (Soupe Aux Huitres De Noel)
   Pumpkin Potatoes
   The Mother Superior's Cabbage Salad
   Pate a la Rapure (Grated Pie)
   Leftover Turkey or Chicken Hash
   Maple Syrup Broilers
   All Canadian Coffee
   French Canadian Pea Soup
   Mock Duck
   Fish and Brewis
   Maple Tourlouche ( Upside Down Cake)
   Nainamo Bars - Revisionist
   Nanaimo Bars
   Runny Butter Tarts
   Skidaddle Cookies
   Sugar Pie - Hotel Paulin
   Pommes Caramel (Caramel Apples)
   Quebec Apple Dumplings
   Butter Tart Pie
   Squamish Bars
   Butter Tarts
   Maple Syrup Pie
   Flapper Pie
   Queen Elizabeth Cake 2
   Nanaimo Bars -2
   Baked Cod with Stuffing
   Baked Peameal Bacon
   Cherry Almond Nanaimo Bars
   Grand Marnier Nanaimo Bars
   Hardy Vegetable Soup
   Herbs Salees (Salted Herbs)
   Jellied Moose Nose
   Lassy Tart
   Matrimonial Cake
   Nanaimo Bars - Revisionist
   Nova Scotia Oatcakes