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   Sauerbraten W/sweet & Sour Cabbage
   Medaillons of Pork Tenderloin Veronique
   Gallina De Cornuallo Al Ajillo
   Pigeon Peas and Rice
   Uncle Jack's Jamaican Hot Wings
   Uncle's Jamaican Jerk Sauce
   Caribbean Spice Popcorn
   Spicy Hot Caribbean Chicken Marinade
   Volcanic Hot Sauce
   Cuban Black Bean Dip
   Jamaican Jerk Chicken #1
   Jerk Paste
   Mango Salsa #3
   Grilled Scotch Bonnett Chicken with Pineapple
   Stoba (Goat/lamb with Peppers)
   Callaloo Cookup
   Budin De Pan Con Pasas (Bread Pudding with Raisins)
   Budin De Pan Con Pasas (Bread Pudding with Ra
   Carribbean Turkey Wings
   Pork Chops with Bananas and Bacon
   Curried Avocado Soup
   Cuban (Puerto Rican) Beans
   Dulce De Mange (Mango Paste)
   Sauce Chien
   Monk's Black Beans - (Cuban National Dish)
   Cream of Eddo Soup
   Puerto Rican Adobo Powder
   Jamaican Jerk Spice > Petramhall@aol.Com
   Jerked Chicken > San Jose Mercury News
   Jerked Pork Chops > Jojo@leland.Stanford.Edu
   Jerk Chicken > Charlie Byrne
   K.C.'s Grilled Killer Jamaican Party Beef From Hell
   Puerto Rican Rice And Beans (Arroz Con Habichuelas)
   West Indian Pumpkin Soup
   Xxxx-Hot Carribbean-Style Habanero Hot Sauce
   Caldo Gallego Soup
   Pika Onion Relish (Curacao)
   Rougail De Mangues Vertes (Green Mango Relish)
   West Indian Pepper Sauce
   Oxtail - Jamaican Style
   Jerk Pork Haitienne W/pickapeppa Sauce & Plantain Chips
   North Coast Jerk Marinade
   Bajan Seasonin' (Barbados)
   Sharon Johnson's Peach Preserves for Cold Mornings
   Sauce Ti Malice (Haiti)
   Annatto Oil
   Mango Vinegar
   Caribbean Jerk Pork Roast
   Lettuce and Cilantro Salad with Jerk Dressing
   Chickadillo (Chicken Picadillo)