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Category: CHEMO

   Yogurt / Fruit Smoothie
   Orange-Pineapple Smoothie
   High Protein, High Calorie Milkshake
   Strawberry Flip
   Sherbet Shake
   Tutti-Fruity Shake
   Double Strength Milk
   Banana Flip
   Chocolate Mint Shake
   Cheesecake Shake
   Lemony Pear Shake
   Homemade Supplement
   Basic Milkshake
   Homemade Eggnog
   Protein Fortified Milk
   High Calorie Hot Chocolate
   Indications for Use of High Calorie Shakes
   Establishing Protein and Calorie Requirements
   Suggestions for Adding Protein To Your Diet
   Suggestions for Adding Calories To Your Diet
   References and Cookbooks