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   Fruitcake Extraordinare
   Fruitcake Extraordinare Pt 2
   Apple Cranberry Cookie Cobbler
   Brownie Peanut Butter Bites
   Chocolate-Dipped Cherry Cookies
   Cranberry Orange Ring
   Crispy Egg Rolls
   Fiesta Chili Corn Bread
   Italian Pasta Stir-Fry
   Streusel Cream Cheese Cake
   Taco Lasagna
   Bubble Up Pizza
   Caramel Apple Dip
   Cold Seafood Pizza
   Cool Veggie Pizza
   Lemon Poppy Seed Bread
   Light Crab Spread
   Nancy's Apple Bread
   North Mexican Guacamole
   Poached Pears in Phyllo Dough with Madeira Zabaglione
   Pineapple Fruit Salad
   River Fish Melts On French Toasts
   Salad Of Pickled Trout (Truchas Escabechadas)
   Poached Trout Fillet
   Escabeche (Lime Marinated Fish)
   Roulle Of Salmon Trout Baked In Herb Crust With
   Tasmanian Ocean Trout With Dill Mayonnaise
   Japanese Cutlets With Sweet Wine Dressing
   Smoked Trout And Pasta Salad
   Carpaccio Of Ocean Trout With A Fennel Salsa
   Ocean Trout, Mascarpone And Basil Lasagne
   Ocean Trout Stuffed With Prawns, Water Chestnuts And Nori
   Seafood Ragout
   Cucumber With Smoked Trout
   Fettuccine Asiatici
   Medley Of Buckwheat Blinis Topped With Oysters, Smoked..
   Description Of Cooking Terms 10
   Roast Ducks With Figs
   Duck-Egg Pappardelle
   Rillettes De Canard (Compote Of Shredded Duck)
   Duck Leg Confit
   Fried Waxy Potatoes
   Honey-Glazed Duck Breast With Kumara And Ginger Ravioli
   Pave Of Duck Livers And Currants With Toasted Brioche
   Crepes Farcies "Tomi Ungerer"
   Kacsa Pecsenye (Roast Duck)
   Breast Of Duck With Peppered Cherries
   Duck With Cannellini Beans, Bacon And Caramelised Apple
   Roasted Sugar-Cured Duck With Lentils
   Cold Rainbow Summer Noodles