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Category: DAIRY

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   Ball Park Cherry Berry Ice Cream
   Dump Fruit Salad
   Kurkkusalaatti (Cucumber Sour Cream Salad)
   Onion Dips
   Maries Dip -Nutty Spinach
   Maries Vegetable Dips
   Serrano and Ginger Custard ("Peppers a Cookbook")
   Toasted Chile Custard (4th St Grill, Berkeley, Ca)
   Bavarian Cream
   Jack Daniel's Ice Cream Soda
   Artichoke Parmesan Party Rounds - Pjxg05a
   Yogurt Fruit Dip
   Natilla (Spanish Custard)
   Baked Pasta
   Read Lobster Cheese Biscuits
   Lemon Curd 1
   Lemon Curd 5
   Lemon Curd 6
   Cream Cheese Bread
   Candy Bar Shakes
   Barbecued Corned Beef & Cheese Bread
   Fourth of July Cheesecake - Diet
   Delightful Cheesecake
   Veggie Dunk
   Herb-Cheese Potato Topping
   Pimiento Cheese Dip
   Macaroni and Vegetable Kugel with Cheese
   Spinach and Three Cheese Kugel
   Sinless Sour Cream Cheesecake - Diet
   Omlette Ala Pom Pom
   Potage St. Germain--Cream of Pea Soup
   Caramel Pudding with Passion Fruit
   Butterscotch Pudding
   Pudding Custard
   Ham and Egg Pudding
   Arroz Con Leche (Mexican Rice Pudding)
   Spanish Scrambled Eggs
   Baked Onions with Sour Cream - Plhol
   Double Cheese Wheat Bread
   Ham, Egg and Cheese Casserole
   Breakfast Burrito
   Breakfast Burritos Anytime
   Burritos Con Huevos
   McDonald's Breakfast Burritos
   Cheddar Chili Pie
   Outlaw Chile Rellenos
   Southwest Chile Pie
   Spam Chili Bake