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Category: DRIED

   Scallops W/pine Nuts and Dried Tomato
   Jim's Jerky
   "Chinese" Jerky
   Marinated Spicy Jerky
   Greek Island Chicken
   French Bread/goat Cheese/sun-Dried Tomato Spre
   Olive Garden Capellini Primavera
   Olive Garden 5-Cheese Lasagna
   Swordfish W/sun-Dried Tomatoes
   Swordfish W/sun-Dried Tomatoes/olives/lemon
   Saskatoon Pemmican
   Pizza Magic
   Venison or Beef Jerky & Variations
   Dried Tomato & Rosemary Bread^
   Zesty Pesto-Tomato Bread
   Dried Fig Jam
   Marinated Spicy Jerky > Thai Style
   Teriyaki Beef/Venison Jerky
   Paul Hinrichs' Jerky
   Dried Beef or Elk
   Carne Seca (Another Jerky Recipe)
   Pemmican #2
   Settler's Dried Salmon
   Scallops with Pine Nuts and Dried Tomatoes