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Category: DUCK

   Wild Duck & Andouille Sauce Piquant
   Duckling L' Vernors
   Duck with Black Bean Sauce & Tamarind Jus
   Roast Duckling in Wine
   Cajun Duck with Wild Rice
   Chinese Duck Sauce
   Wild Duck or Goose in Gravy
   Breast of Duck with Glazed Apples and Ginger
   Duck Tongues & Broad Beans
   Marinated Grilled Duck Breasts
   Pifti De Pasare (Aspic)
   Roast Ducks With Figs
   Honey-Glazed Duck Breast With Kumara And Ginger Ravioli
   Pave Of Duck Livers And Currants With Toasted Brioche
   Kacsa Pecsenye (Roast Duck)
   Breast Of Duck With Peppered Cherries
   Duck With Cannellini Beans, Bacon And Caramelised Apple
   Roasted Sugar-Cured Duck With Lentils
   Betutu Duck