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Category: EASY

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   Chunky Cat Barf
   Curried Lamb
   Rogan Josh
   Shahi Korma
   Basmati Chaaval
   Kashmiri Rogan Josh
   Garam Masala
   Hashbrown Cassarole
   Bristol Ice Box Cake
   German Sweet Chocolate Snack Cake/frosting
   Turkey Creole
   Maryann's Macaroni & Pea Salad
   Fast Goodies
   Mexican Wedding Cakes (Cookies)
   Mom's Fast Chili
   Oven Beef Stew
   3-Step Cheesecake Recipe
   Ok Corral Salad
   Working Woman's Chicken and Rice
   Easy Pineapple Pie
   No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake
   Lite 'n Easy Crustless Pumpkin Pie
   Chocolate Fruit Crispies
   Singapore Sling
   Diet Tofu Quiche
   Creamy Chicken Roll-Ups
   Grilled Pork
   Peppers and Steak (Kxmt69b)
   Savoy Wedges with Cheese Sauce (Kxmt69b)
   Swiss Cheese, Sour Cream and Chive Omelet **Kx
   Easy Round Steak Dinner
   Recipe By : Once-A-Month Cooking
   Chocolate Dipping Sauce
   Recipe By : Adapted From Mostly Muffins
   Recipe By : Women's Day Magazine (Late 1980's)
   Recipe By : Adapted From "Mostly Muffins" By B. Albright And
   San Antonio Rice
   Two-Step Cheesecake
   Pickled Red Eggs
   Amigos Chili **
   Italian Meat Loaf Patties
   Layered Noodle Bake
   Gobbler's Chili
   Apricot Kugel
   Island Lentil Dish
   Italian Rice
   Kidney Bean Bonanza
   Sassy Bean and Bulgur
   Porro's One Pot Olympic Poultry
   Overnight Butterscotch Buns