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   Brown Vegetable Stock (Lf)
   Mushrooms a la Stroganoff (Lf)
   Italian-Style Vegetables with Pasta (Lf)
   Corn and Kale Stew
   Info - Freezer Storage Guide
   Chicken with Curried Peaches
   Country-Fried Corn
   Fresh Prickly Pear Ice
   Carrots and Garlic
   Mustard Shrimp in Potato Nests
   Sugared Nectarines and Peaches
   Spaghetti W/ Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms & Pancetta
   Quinoa Bread
   Miso Lemon Soup - Vegan
   Low Fat Pesto - Lacto/vegan
   Broiled Portabellos
   Michael's Fudge Brownies
   Almond Cakes
   Pizza with Olives and Caramelized Onions
   Curried Mushroom Turnovers
   Black-Eyed Pea-And-Tomato Salsa
   Dried-Fruit Granola
   Roasted Carrots, Celery, Corn and Asparagus
   Sauce for Meatballs
   Oatmeal Batter Bread
   Chicken with Onions
   Baked Peach Pudding
   Moussaka with Onion-Nut Sauce (And Potato)
   Moussaka with Onion-Nut Sauce (And Potato) Pt 2
   Bagels To Go (Nf Cream Cheese Spread with Orange Dates)
   Fast-Track Breakfast (Fruit Flavored Yogurt Smoothie)
   Carrot Soup W/ Parsley Matzo Balls
   Jerusalem Chickpea Sandwich Filling
   Lemon-Tahini Sauce
   Spicy Tomato Soup with Black Beans, Potato and Squash
   Hot and Sour Hunan Vegetables
   Rice Pilaf with Tarragon (Steamer)
   Chunky Minestrone
   Anise Cookies
   Cinnamon Oatmeal Apple Cookies
   Mediterranean Shrimp with Feta Cheese (Barb Pearson)
   Long Beans with Wild Rice
   Tuna Cakes with Dill Tartar Sauce
   Tuna Romanoff
   Tuna Stroganoff
   Tomato-Rice Soup with Pesto
   Dill Tartar Sauce
   Lemony Squash Muffins
   Baked Bananas