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Category: EGGS

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   Lemon-Egg Soup
   Omelet Cu Brinza Si Ciapa Verde (Omelet W/cheese & Onions)
   Spinach & Feta Cheese Quiche
   Zucchini Fritatta
   Frankfurter Gruene Sauce (Frankfurt Green Sauce)
   Appetizer Cheese Ball
   Brie En Croate
   Caviar, Dill and Purple Onion Dip
   Cheese Log
   Cheese Puffs
   Cheese Triangles
   Faux Stuffed Eggs
   Herbed Stuffed Eggs #1
   Herbed Stuffed Eggs #2
   Hot Brie with Toasted Almonds
   Madras Dip
   Mushroom Turnovers
   Pimiento Cheese
   Pisang Goreng
   Quiche Nicoise
   Shrimp Cheese Roll
   Sorrel Frittata
   Turkey Salad Stuffed Eggs
   Zucchini Fritters #1
   Corn Souffle
   Egg and Spinach Casserole
   Festival Eggs
   Breakfast Casserole (Pensylvannia Dutch "Cowboy")
   Grandma Sterling's Pickled Eggs
   Swiss Cheese, Sour Cream and Chive Omelet **Kx
   Egg Casserole
   Bacon & Egg Cake
   Country Brunch Bake
   Egg Substitute
   Farm-Fresh Egg Substitute
   Chinese Tea Eggs
   Ham Quiche
   Brunch Eggs
   Grit Casserole
   Scotch Eggs #2
   Willard Scott Scotch Eggs
   Creamy French Dressing
   Blender Hollandaise
   Filled Omelet
   Impossible Quiche Tarts
   Christmas Morning Wife Saver
   Cricket's Spam Quiche
   Sausage Apple Omelet Roll
   Crepe Pancakes with Filling
   Quick Egg Soup