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Category: ENGLISH

   Wassail * Cider
   Wassail * Wine
   English Trifle - Guy Attwood
   Hough Soup
   Butterscotch Bread Pudding
   Maids of Honour Cakes
   Pickled Eggs(English)
   Bakewell Pudding(English)
   Elizabethan Pork
   Brie Tart England, 1378
   English Toad in the Hole
   English Christmas Punch
   Mary Phillip's Brandy Toddy
   English Pineapple Cheddar Cheesecake
   A Florentine of Oranges and Apples - England, 1747
   Baked Almond Custard - England, 1783
   Baked Custard (Basic) - England, 1783
   Buttered Oranges - England, 1738
   Buttered Oranges - Gbc
   Chawetty's (15th Century Meat Pie) - England
   Christmas Crumble (English)
   Clotted Cream Part 1
   Clotted Cream Part 2
   Cumberland Pudding (With Lemon Sauce) - Cbd
   Derbyshire Oatcakes (English)
   Duke of Buckingham's Pudding - England, 1783
   English Rabbit
   Fresh Fruit Mincemeat
   Ginger Meringue Cake - Cbd
   Benton's Sauce - a Variation on the Traditional
   Green Tomato Chutney (English)
   Mrs Beeton's Mulberry Preserve
   Lambing Cake - Northern England
   Leek and Potato Pasties
   Lemon Cake (English)
   Lemon Custard - England, 1783
   Preserved Peaches - England, 1747
   Preserved Peaches in Cream - England, 1738
   Raspberry Cream - England, 1730
   Spiced Custard - England, 1783
   Trifle - Lat
   Yorkshire Gingerbread
   Scottish Mussel Brose