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Category: FLOWERS

   Rose Water (And Rose Syrup)
   Rose Almond Jumbles
   Rose Hip Jelly
   Sweet Briar Rose Hip Jam
   Gillyflower Sorbet
   Lavender Ice Cream
   Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
   Lemony Anise Hyssop Tea Bread
   Garden Squash and Nasturtium Butter Pasta
   Stuffed Nasturtium Flowers
   Mei Kwei Tao (Pickled Peaches in Red Rose Pet
   Pickled Rosebuds
   Rose Petal Jam
   Leek Quiche with Thyme & Lavender
   Wholemeal Red & Yellow Pepper Quiche with Pan
   Lavender Cheesecake
   Lavender Shortbread Cookies