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Category: FRENCH

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   Old Fashioned Veal Stew with Cream Sauce
   Pastel De Manzana - Apple Mint Crisp
   Pork Collioure Stew
   Pot Au Feu
   Potage St. Germain
   Poulet a la Montrachet (Chicken and Mushrooms in Cream Sauce
   Provencal Potatoes with Tomatoes
   Roasted Potatoes
   Salad Frisee
   Scallop and Green Bean Terrine
   Seafood Wellington (Chef Axel's Original Recipe)
   Snail Fritters / Beignets D'escargots
   Snails Bourguignonne / Escargots a la Bourguig
   Snails Cauderan / Escargots a la Cauderan
   Snails Menetrel / Escargots a la Menetrel
   Snails Sommeroise / Escargots a la Sommeroise
   Snails with Frogs' Legs / Escargots Aux Grenou
   Soupe a L'oignon Au Fromage - French Onion Soup
   Sour Dough French Bread
   Southern French Chicken
   Summer Blueberry Tart (Tarte Aux Myrtilles D'ete)
   Vichyssoise Creme Glacee'
   Zucchini-Tomato Tian
   Croque Monsieur Salad
   Beurre Maitre D'hotel
   Blueberry Cheese Cake
   Boudin Blanc I - (Sausage-Making Cookbook)
   Chicken Clemenceau
   Chicken in Wine (French) - Coq Au Vin
   Coq Au Vin - Chicken Braised in Wine
   Country French Chicken
   Escargot a la Bourguignonne
   Escargots Bourguignonne
   Escargots on Mushroom Caps
   French Apple Tart
   French Apple Charlotte
   French Bread
   French Dressing
   French Onion Soup Coca-Cola
   French Scrambled Eggs
   French Sourdough Bread
   Fricassee De Poulet a la Poitevine (Chicken in Onion Sauce)
   Fromage De Tete De Porc (Farmhouse Brawn)
   Ham, Cheese, and Herb Baguette
   Oven French Fries
   Quick French Onion Soup