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   Spiced Tea Mix
   Gingerbread Teddy Bear Cookies
   Peanut Butter Fudge - Awp
   Joan's Cranberry-Orange Bread
   Coffee-Walnut Toffee
   My Best Raisin Bread
   Herbes De Provence
   Herbes De Provence #2
   Homemade Mustard
   Mexican Bean Soup
   Instant Chocolate Mousse Mix
   Mulled Tea Bag
   Spiced Pecans
   Preserved Lemons
   Candied Zucchini
   Glace' Fruit, and Fruit Syrup
   Herbed Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Oil
   Beef Jerky #1
   Beef Jerky Recipe
   Hamburger Jerky
   Jerkey Made From Turkey
   Onion Ground Beef Jerkey
   Sugar Cookie Mix
   Good Morning Basket
   Italian Seasoning
   Coffee House Chocolate Spoons
   Lime Curd
   Creme De Menthe
   Arrabbiata Sauce
   Saltine Candy W/chocolate and Nuts
   Peanut Butter Candy Squares
   Pistachio Candy
   Cinnamon and Sugar Candy Cane Twists****Fjvs2
   Cheddar Cheese and Brandy Spread
   Hazelnut Crepes with Coffee Ice Cream - Glori
   Tex-Mex Black Bean Dip
   Gourmet Glazed Nuts
   Chocolate-Chip Cookie Muffins
   Apple Spice Muffins
   Christmas Pickles
   Christmas Pickles .. Pdpp83a
   Cranberry Pudding with Rum Sauce
   Overnight Pickled Vegetables
   Daal-Nepali Lentil Soup Gift Package
   Sherried Walnuts
   Spiced Whole Wheat Pumpkin Loaf
   Indian Squaw Bread Mix with Recipe
   Irish Soda Bread Mix with Recipe
   Mom's Heirloom Brown Bread Mix with Recipe
   Pizza Dough Mix with Recipe