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Category: HEIRLOOM

   Fruit Chili Sauce
   Cottage Cheese Bread
   Horseradish Beet Relish+
   Oyster and Sweetbread
   Hotch Potch
   Heirloom Succotash
   Old-Style Clam Chowder
   Autumn Cider Syrup
   Mashed Maple Sweet Potatoes
   Prune and Apple Stuffing for Duck or Goose
   Roast Goose
   Date and Walnut Loaf Cake
   Mock Squab Pie
   Spinach or Greens
   Blackberry Jam Pie
   Beets in Vinegar
   John Nott's Mother's Plum Pudding
   Fran Miller's Coffee Cake
   Poffertjes (Traditional Version)
   Roast Goose #2
   Scalloped Potatoes with Pimentos
   Cheese Potato Cakes
   Potato Pancakes (Latkes My Way)
   Salmon a la King
   Smothered Salmon
   Baked Salmon and Macaroni
   Asparagus Fish Salad
   Salmon or Tuna Fish Salad
   Salmon Croquettes #3
   Salmon Soup #2
   Fish Chowder #2
   Common Hoe Cake (Or Ashcake)