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Category: HISTORY

   Cottage Cheese Bread
   Camp Stew - Mr. B's receipt - MHNC 1870
   Snow Eggs
   Cucumbers Farci
   Pate a la Rapture
   Delicate Indian Pudding > Cousin H. Ridout
   Misaquatash or Succotash
   Conutchia (Hickory Nuts)
   Pease Soup
   Pumpkin Corn Cakes
   Potato Soup (Historic)
   Appetizers At a Dinner with Trimalchio
   Cornmeal Hoecake
   Old Time Buckwheat Cakes
   Chicken and Okra Soup
   Fishballs a la Mrs. Benjamin Harrison
   George Washington's Fried Eggplant
   Oyster and Sweetbread
   How To Cook a Husband
   Rum-Glazed Sweet Potato Pudding
   Roast Passenger Pigeons
   Venison Roast with Cranberries
   Squirrel Succotash
   Markkl”áchensuppe 3 (Marrow-Ball-Soup 3)
   Drawn Butter Sauce
   Yorkshire Christmas Pye
   Hot Punch (An Old English Recipe)
   Mushrooom Ketchup
   Lamb Cutlets a la Maintenon - England, 1783
   Queen Victoria's Favorite Green Pea Soup - Ntc
   Barley Casserole or Richard+mcf
   Cackleberry Jam (A.k.a Egg Butter)
   Melon Peel Preserve
   Pineapple Preserve
   Sweet Pickled Fruit
   Best Pickled Figs
   To Pickle Mutton [Or Other Meat]
   Melon Pickle
   Granny's Spiced Vinegar
   Grandma's Internet Applesauce Cake (Out of This World)
   Sweet and Sour Sauce for Roast Goose > Apicius
   Pawpaw Salad
   Irish Potato Soup
   Cheese From Potatoes
   Potato Yeast
   Settler's Dried Salmon
   Pineapple and Salmon [Empire Cookery]